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Women in Tech's Code

of Conduct


  1. Share and Support
    The main goal of this community is to support diversity and, consequently, women in tech. Contribute by sharing ideas, links and information related to that and other tech topics that might be of interest for the group.

  2. Make it a nice place for everyone involved
    Join our meetups and social media platforms and make your own voice heard. Please consider that sharing posts that advertise events or personal projects/initiatives, without keeping close to the community, will have little to no impact.

  3. Invite Friends
    Should you think of a friend or colleague (regardless of gender) might benefit from our community or who might bring a contribution to the group, please take a minute and invite them over. We’re only getting stronger together!

  4. Join our monthly meetups
    Every meetup we have up to 5 spots for pitching about your personal project/request/unicorn or about an idea or event you just want to share with us. 
    Hint: there is at least one meetup per month, keep an eye on our page:

  5. Connect
    We believe in the power of networking which we try to encourage any chance we get. So please join us and let us know about your awesome achievements. We are also one message or email away if you ever have any juicy ideas for our community:

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